Wednesday 17 September 2014

TWO mics one night...

This evening I did something unusual and went to TWO open mics. The Dundas Odd Fellows open mic happens every 3rd Wednesday of the month and, as I've said before, is a Good 'Un.

But before I get verbose, as I was planning my evening I was sideswiped by an ovation from a previous lover, the Staircase Theatre. About a decade ago (omg it pains me to say that) I was playing mentally unbalanced covers of pop tunes in an instrumental jazz context (I remember my bassist at the time saying "why are all your ii-Vs V-iis??") and the Staircase was really in its musical heyday. I played there a few times and was heartbroken when, to zero fanfare, it suddenly closed its doors. 

Fastforward a few years: the Staircase opened again, albeit *very* quietly, catering mostly to the improv theatre and comedy crowd, and it eventually started to book in the odd musical act here and there (Jacob Moon, Alfie Smith, CD releases, etc). Well friends, I have an announcement (!): from here on in The Staircase will be hosting an open mic every Wednesday! This is simply lovely news!... like a high school reunion (...for those of you who loved high school - ahem). All to say, yay!

But back now to Dundas. Having played to a lovely and attentive empty theatre (like kicking its proverbial tires) at the Staircase's inaugural open mic, I ventured west to the Oddfellows only to find myself forced to park TWO blocks away! Danny and Jay have clearly started something here. As always, an unbelievably appreciative audience and a  craaaazy spread of styles underpinned by all kinds of raw talent. And apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so! At least 40 people in attendance, and a totally packed venue.

This isn't exactly a review, then. At best it's a re-view. A snapshot. But it does afford me the opportunity to add a new and exciting open mic to the list at right...!

goodnight now.


  1. Hi Ben - what time does the Staircase o.m. do sign up?

  2. It's still pretty new, so I'd imagine you don't have to get there before 8.