Thursday 19 June 2014

Hamilton talent!

   This city, Hamilton, Ontario, is a massive pool of talent. It's pretty astounding. And every week, all over the place, in cafés and bars, musicians (and sometimes comedians – hi Andrea!) show up and wait for their chance to share music that's important to them with whoever will listen.

   For the last year I've been writing songs, and after awhile the urge to play them out in front of people drove me out the door, so I decided to pluck up my courage and hit an open mic. My first one was the Corktown, a few blocks from me. Tomi Swick was slated to host but wasn't there, so I just played, and it was great! ...and then I got hooked. I have a somewhat addictive personality, so it doesn't take much, but I've been going out to as many as my schedule and circadian rhythms will allow, at least 2 per week right now for close to a month.

   I went to one tonight, @ Homegrown Hamilton (and hosted by the very friendly and supportive Dave Gould) ...and it suddenly occurred to me, I am becoming an sort of afficionado! and so, without further ado, I present to you,

Hamilton Open Mics (a blog)!

...I'll be reviewing open mics based on a number of factors:
  • audience (i.e. attentiveness)
  • crowd (hipster? fogie? folkie?)
  • beer prices (anywhere from a free pint for playing to $7.50 plus tip...!)
  • talent and energy...
  • repertoire (folk? rock? blues? post-metal?)
  • ...and the overall experience, basically
EDIT:  It's also been suggested I discuss the congeniality of the host, the quality of the sound and/or the sound technician, the gear available (so potential performers know what or what not to bring), and timelines: when to sign up, whether it runs on schedule, etc. Good ideas Tom Shea! Thanks!

so heeeeeere we go...!

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